Thursday, July 31, 2008


Jim left for China yesterday morning. He was to be traveling with 20 other people but one was not able to be there because she is sick and now in the hospital. As I was driving home I was thinking about all the prayer that had gone into the planning of this trip and wondering why our friend was sick and not able to go. I looked ahead of me and saw the sky was dark and knew rain was coming. Then as I got closer I began to see a rainbow. The further I drove, more of the rainbow I saw until I saw the entire, beautiful rainbow set in the dark sky. Sometimes my sky is dark and I don’t understand things, but God is faithful and His promises are true. He showed me His love and His faithfulness with His rainbow yesterday morning.

Every time I see a rainbow
Shining in the sky above,
I remember God’s great mercies
And His faithfulness and love.


Anonymous said...

Elaine, I, too, had been wondering why our sweet friend didn't get to go. Thank you so much for telling of your rainbow. That reinforces what I already know... that our Heavenly Father has other plans... And His plans are always for our good!

Love, Lynn

Anonymous said...

I just got home from out of town for the last week and so I didn't know anything that had happened but you are right on!!! I love this, and I am praying for our friend to see this!
Praying for Jim and everyone else,, Bonnel