Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful flowers...Sweet husband

I love flowers, especially roses! Last night Jim gave me with a beautiful bouquet of roses! I was so surprised! No special occasion, just a sweet act of love.

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Anonymous said...

They are so pretty! Are the lavender? ~STACY~

Paul Simko said...

Beautiful roses!!!! My wife's family is very much into roses. They are from Holland, thus their love for flowers. My wife will love your blog. It looks like a scrap book!!!

Anonymous said...

What a bouquet! Not just roses but such a beautiful arrangement.

Jim, I know you didn't do this to be famous but way to go!

Elaine,thanks for sharing the love :) It brightens everyone's day.

North Carolina, Cheryl

Abby said...

What a stinkin' sweet heart! You are one lucky woman to have such a sweet Godly man.