Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family fun...

My morning started out with a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks and these beautiful roses! I was surpised and very happy. It is great having Jim home from his trip to Honduras (will post some pictures soon). What a sweet husband I have!!!
After church I hurried home to prepare lunch for our family. We celebrated two birthdays today...Austin and Starla. It was a great family day. We missed Stephanie (in Honduras), but laughed at the funny cards she had left for them.

After we ate Stacy and Travis found out that the owners of the house they want to buy accepted their offer. We rejoiced with them!
It has really been a fun family day!

Everyone has a meal and birthday cake of their choosing.
Sometimes that cake turns out to be chocolate chip cookies!!

Joshua grilled the bar-b-que chicken!

Hannah and Ashlynn played outside!

Had to include a picture of Jim's beautiful wisteria!

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Steph said...

WOW! Your flowers are beautiful! Ashlynn has changed so much! Joshua looks great! Looks ready to be a soldier! I sure do miss everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love family birthdays and beautiful flowers!! I enjoyed your day, too, and I wasn't even there! Congratulations to Stacy and Travis on their first home! I am so very happy for them!!

Deborah said...

Oh Elaine ... your roses are absolutely beautiful and so is Jim's wisteria. Looks like the day was also a nice warm day! Just perfect for everyone. Thanks for sharing your home and family with us. Love you - Deb.