Friday, May 15, 2009

Cute things she says...

Monday through Thursday I take care of a sweet 4 year old girl named Colette. We have so much fun together and she says the cutest things. We baked Snickerdoodle cookies yesterday afternoon. Colette sprinkled the sugar/cinnamon mixture on the cookies. I put them in the oven and when I turned back around saw that she had wiped all the sugar off the counter onto the floor. She was proud she had "cleaned up" for me. I got a wet cloth to clean up the sugar off the floor and told her not to do that next time because it would draw ants. Her reply was, "do ants draw?" I then had to explain that some words sound the same but have two different meanings. This is not the first time I have had to do this. I think I need to brush up on my English to be ready at all times for this little girl. :)

Last night she asked if she could take home the play make up kit we have. I told her no, that it needed to stay here. She said she only wanted it for the week-end and would bring it back Monday. I again said it needed to stay here for her to play with. She then said, "Well, no one will be here this week-end to play with it so I don't understand why I can't take it home". After one second of thought I didn't she took it home. :)

Her daddy wrote me this morning about the make up kit:
When we got home with her "makeup kit" last night, she wanted to give me a makeover, which included putting rollers in my hair. After she had put about 3 of them in, she asked, "Am I killing you?". So I replied, "What?". And she said, "When I put them on Miss Elaine, she kept saying, 'You're killing me!' ". I cracked up. (She indeed was pulling my hair hard! But I better find a better word to express this! :) )

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KLJ said...

So funny. Thanks for sharing!

Cele LeBlanc said...

Elaine! I LOVE your blog! This was my first time on. You are a great writer! Cele

Something Borrowed, Something Blue... said...

Ha Ha that is so cute! I love hearing stories like that.