Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Joshua!

Last week we decided to go to Ft. Riley, KS and celebrate Joshua's 21st birthday with him. We left around 6:45 Friday morning and arrived early afternoon. We stopped in Florence, KS for lunch. We realized that this might be the last place to eat for miles and it turned out that it was. We ate a hamburger as we continued our drive.

We picked up Joshua on post and headed to Manhattan for dinner at a bar-b-que restaurant.

We had a great dinner and had fun giving him gifts and cards!

Saturday we picked him up and took him to a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel!

We had a wonderful time with him but the hours went by too fast, Soon we were headed back to Texas!

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Stacy said...

So fun! I know he loved having you guys come see him for his birthday!