Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome Home a Hero!

Saturday Jim went to the airport to meet the troops coming home. He really did not know what to expect as this was his first time to do this. Because he is a veteran he was able to be in the front. He greeted the soliders, shook hands and welcomed the men home.  It was a very touching experience and he came home saying,  "I gave them the welcome I never received when I came home from Vietnam".

I have included a link below and if you look towards the front and see a silver haired man with a black hat, that is Jim. :)
Welcome Home a Hero


Unknown said...

So good to hear that your husband was able to do this! I'm sure his warm welcome was well received! God bless our troops and God bless you and your husband!

Pamela said...

Looking at that picture brings tears to my eyes. What a blessing, and it just makes me love Jim even more! You are both such a blessing to know.
Love you guys

Linda said...

God bless all the troops and your husband too.