Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homemade is the best

I've been craving homemade biscuits.  Yes, I know we can buy good frozen biscuits but there is something satisfying to me about mixing the flour, shortening and milk, rolling it out, cutting the pretty circles of dough, and then watching them rise and brown in the oven that a store bought biscuit will never replace. I learned to make biscuits from the best biscuit maker — my mother-in-law. So this morning I snuck out of bed to surprise Jim with biscuits and homemade strawberry jam. Stacy made strawberry freezer jam last week and gave us a jar. It is the same recipe my mother used every summer. After my butter melted on the biscuit I spread the strawberry jam on it and took a bite! Lots of memories of my mother-in-law and mother filled my mind as I pictured both of them in the kitchen lovingly preparing these foods for their families. Then I thought of Stacy and how special it is that she is carrying on with some of the recipes she remembers her grandmother's making. I have a happy heart this morning.

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Steph said...

YUM!! I wish I could make good biscuits...I LOVE your biscuits! I better you had a happy tummy today too!!!