Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting to know you...

Pennies 2
We had such a fun time at Bible study on Tuesday. Because it was our first day I wanted the ladies to start getting to know each other. When they arrived each one chose a penny. They would then look at the date and think of something that happened that year in their life. They were to find someone and the two of them would share. Then they were to go to another lady and do the same thing. It was a lot of fun and a good mixer for any get together.

Each week we are going to do another fun thing called Life in a Bag.  I demonstrated how it would work.  Chose a bag. I chose one that a friend had given me. Put 5 things in the bag. The first 4 tell about who you are and the 5th one is what God has been showing you this year. Do not go over 5 minutes. First I showed a picture of Jim and told how we met when we were 9 yr. old. Next I showed a picture of Stacy and Travis, Amy, Shawna and Austin and Ashlynn. Then I pulled out a pie plate and talked about loving to bake pies and that my love for that came from my parents. Next came a sea shell. I explained that I had taught at a Bible College in Kiev for two weeks. A sweet, newly married couple went to the shore for their honeymoon. They gave me a pretty shell from this trip. Last came a pretty card that a friend sent me. She has sent me a card every week since Amy went home to the Lord. This one said, Trust in the Lord. It came on a day that I really needed to trust him. That is what He has been teaching me lately...Trust Me!

I am looking forward to these next 10 weeks with these precious ladies and hearing their stories!

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Cora said...

Just catching on on your posts here! Loved your ideas to get to know your ladies at the Bible Study. I seem to be on a mission lately to get to know people's "stories." I'm amazed at where people have been, what they have experienced, what they know, etc., and it never gets shared. I love your bag idea, and I just have to do that. Thank you for sharing!