Sunday, October 7, 2012

Look forward to this all year!

We went on our yearly family vacation the end of September.  I look forward to this get-away all year. This year I had a special visit from a sweet friend I had lost touch with. We were stationed together in the Army for two years with Carol and Gene and after some years, lost touch with them. I had tried to find them without success but with Facebook and a mutual friend she contacted me. We were very sad to learn of her husband's death just months ago. I was thrilled that we would only be an hour away from her our first night.  She and I had a wonderful visit and plan to stay in touch.  

Jim and I woke early one morning. 
We watched the sun rise and took a walk.
Lots of fun on the beach!
Dinner fun with family
Having a lunchable meant she always had something she liked to eat
We ate at one of our favorite restaurants...Cozmos
At McGuire's people sign dollars and staple them to the wall!
Everyone looked forward to the nights Stacy and Ashlynn made cookies for us 
 We made lots of memories and had a wonderful week!

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Casey said...

Love that you guys do this each year. They will become valuable & sweet memories for you all. Especially the little ones. Treasured memories of their childhood surrounded by family that loved them deeply. Also so glad you reconnected with an old friend.

Kathryn D. Duke said...

isn't the beach WONDERFUL this time of year...great time with your family and thanks for sharing your photos too!!