Monday, December 16, 2013

Sweet Moment

I was standing in line at Target yesterday waiting to buy my groceries.  A mom with her little girl who looked to be 7 yr. old was in front of me.  I watched as the little girl patiently waited.  As I watched her I heard in my heart "give that little girl $5".  I rarely have cash but thought if I had a $5 bill in my purse I would give it to her. I DID have one.  My heart started beating fast and I was so excited to do this! I told her mom I had been watching her daughter and how sweetly she was waiting for her mom to finish purchasing her groceries. I asked if I could give her the money I held in my hand for Christmas. The mother smiled and acknowledged that I could.  I walked over to the little girl, talked to her a little and told her Merry Christmas as I gave her the money.  She never said anything but her smile said it all. I talked to the mom about what a sweet girl her daughter was and turned to pay for my groceries. The mom turned around and gave me a cupcake that she had just purchased.  She told me her daughter wanted me to have it and Merry Christmas.  I was so touched by her kindness.  As I was thanking the little girl her smile grew larger.  This all took place in just a few minutes and was a small act, but the blessing that came from it will last much longer.  Each of us are affected by a touch of kindness...either by giving or receiving or like this situation by both. I'll never really know how the exchange I had with this family touched them but as I listen to God and allow Him to lead me I can know that it is in His plan for us to show love to others. 


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