Thursday, July 31, 2008


Jim left for China yesterday morning. He was to be traveling with 20 other people but one was not able to be there because she is sick and now in the hospital. As I was driving home I was thinking about all the prayer that had gone into the planning of this trip and wondering why our friend was sick and not able to go. I looked ahead of me and saw the sky was dark and knew rain was coming. Then as I got closer I began to see a rainbow. The further I drove, more of the rainbow I saw until I saw the entire, beautiful rainbow set in the dark sky. Sometimes my sky is dark and I don’t understand things, but God is faithful and His promises are true. He showed me His love and His faithfulness with His rainbow yesterday morning.

Every time I see a rainbow
Shining in the sky above,
I remember God’s great mercies
And His faithfulness and love.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hammock Fun ...

Jim could not resist giving Colette some swings in our neighbor's hammock this morning. It wasn't long before she was joined by two friends. Lots of fun and giggles!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Smiles that melt your heart...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swim fun with family...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trust in the Captain...

In God We (Nearly) Trust
by Max Lucado

A few days before our wedding, Denalyn and I enjoyed and endured a sailing voyage. Milt, a Miami church friend, had invited Denalyn, her mom, and me to join him and a few others on a leisurely cruise along the Florida coast.

Initially it was just that. Leisure. We stretched out on cushions, hung feet over the side, caught some zzz’s and rays. Nice.

But then came the storm. The sky darkened, the rain started, and the flat ocean humped like a dragon’s neck. Sudden waves of water tilted the vessel up until we saw nothing but sky and then downward until we saw nothing but blue. I learned this about sailing: there is nothing swell about a swell. Tanning stopped. Napping ceased. Eyes turned first to the thunderclouds, then to the captain. We looked to Milt.

He was deliberate and decisive. He told some people where to sit, others what to do, and all of us to hang on. And we did what he said. Why? We knew he knew best. No one else knew the difference between starboard and stern. Only Milt did. We trusted him. We knew he knew.

And we knew we didn’t. Prior to the winds, we might have boasted about Boy Scout merit badges in sailing or bass-boat excursions. But once the storm hit, we shut up. (Except for Denalyn, who threw up.) We had no choice but to trust Milt. He knew what we didn’t—and he cared. The vessel was captained, not by a hireling or a stranger, but by a pal. Our safety mattered to him. So we trusted him.

Oh, that the choice were equally easy in life. Need I remind you about your westerly winds? With the speed of lightning and the force of a thunderclap, williwaws anger tranquil waters. Victims of sudden storms populate unemployment lines and ICU wards. You know the winds. You’ve felt the waves. Good-bye, smooth sailing. Hello, rough waters.

Such typhoons test our trust in the Captain. Does God know what he is doing? Can he get us out? Why did he allow the storm?

Can you say about God what I said about Milt?
I know God knows what’s best.
I know I don’t.
I know he cares.

Such words come easily when the water is calm. But when you’re looking at a wrecked car or a suspicious-looking mole, when war breaks out or thieves break in, do you trust him?

To embrace God’s sovereignty is to drink from the well of his lordship and make a sailboat-in-the-storm decision. Not in regard to Milt and the sea, but in regard to God and life. You look toward the Captain and resolve: he knows what’s best.

Come Thirsty
© (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2004) Max Lucado

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July week-end

I know the Lord is always with me, I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.
No wonder my heart is filled with joy: and my mouth shouts his praises.
Psalm 16:8-9

A friend sent the above scripture to me saying she was praying for us while we traveled this week-end. We had a fun time at the home of Travis' parents. We were happy to share in the celebration of their 40th wedding anniversary. The celebration took place July 4th. In the evening everyone gathered in the backyard for fireworks. Today all the ladies left at 7:30 a.m. to go shopping at some fun discount stores. We all came back with sacks of treasures! The guys played golf while we shopped. They had a great time, especially Jim. He won! It was a relaxing, fun week-end!