Monday, September 1, 2008

China trip

Jim was in China for three weeks during the Olympics. I wanted to share some of what he wrote on the way home.

"As I am writing this I am looking out the airplane window at the
Grand Canyon and thanking God for a country founded on
His precepts and for the freedom that we have to follow Him...
even to the end of the earth.
Seventeen of us are just returning from three weeks in China.
My heart is full as I reflect on all that we have seen God do
over these days...the battles won...the setbacks and struggles
that allowed us to learn lessons that we would never have learned...
and to return to America with the knowledge that several on this
pilgrimage are now contemplating long term service in China.
As we meet and talk on the airplane and in the airports
there is so much excitement as to how they will be used
to impact China in a significant way over their lifetime.
We all fell in love with our Chinese brothers and sisters
and gained great appreciation for their daily
struggles as they seek to serve God on a daily basis."


Stacy said...

Very cool! Thanks for posting that. I love what Dad wrote. :)

~ Stacy ~

Anonymous said...

I love the slide show!!
...and Jim's words.
Thanks for sharing.