Monday, August 25, 2008

In Memory of...

Amy Elizabeth Pack

A Tribute to Amy's Life

A precious baby, a curious child
A fragile sweetness, a brilliant smile
A life of joy, a life of giving
A life of encouragement, a life full of living.

A life of suffering, a life of pain
A life of trusting with only heaven to gain
A wonderful example with peace as its root
A child seeking Jesus, an adult seeking truth.

A life wasn’t lost, a death didn’t come
There was just a shift from both feet to one.
For Amy was balanced since the day of her birth
One foot in heaven and one foot on the earth.

9/2/98 Sharlene Burlew
Amy was a wonderful daughter, sister, cousin, & a friend to many. She had a contagious laugh, loved Elmo and Tigger, fun clothes, cute shoes, music, drama, roses and children. She wrote poems, both funny and serious. She was fun and made us laugh. She was full of life and the joy of the Lord! We thank the Lord for the 21 years we had with her. Her name, Amy, means Beloved and this is what she will always be to us!


Anonymous said...

I love this poem. It really describes Amy. We were all blessed to know Amy.

Thanks for sharing your heart, Elaine. Love, Carol

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to Amy. I'm glad I knew her and will see her again.

Love, Lynn

Stacy said...

I love that poem. I don't remember reading that before. And I really like that picture. :)

I love you!

Debra McDaniels said...

How beautiful! The woman and the poem. Thank you for sharing!

Abby said...

What a beautiful poem. I think of Amy often. She was such a beautiful girl and a joy to be around. 21 years seems like so short a time but she touched so many peoples lives in that time, mine included.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem!

I didn't get to know Amy, living many states away, however, I know her parents and know that God chooses the best parents for us and Jim & Elaine played an important part in nurturing her God given sweet spirit.

Blessings to both Jim & Elaine
Love, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love that poem! It is perfect! I missed being with family last week but could rejoice knowing what an impact Amy's life has had here in Honduras. We talked about her last week at Bible study as Lance helped me share with the other missionaries about what her life has meant to so many here in Honduras.