Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sprinkles and Sharing

This afternoon Colette and I made cupcakes! We had fun mixing, baking, frosting and loading them with sprinkles. We shared some with our neighbors. When our friends opened the door they were so excited because one of their daughters had just said she was craving chocolate and they didn't have any. We had chocolate cupcakes! What fun to see smiles and receive hugs. As we walked home Colette said, "that was fun!". It sure was!


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beautiful flowers...Sweet husband

I love flowers, especially roses! Last night Jim gave me with a beautiful bouquet of roses! I was so surprised! No special occasion, just a sweet act of love.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Story time with Pa

One night we were taking care of Ashlynn while her mommy and daddy went to a meeting. I had some shopping to do so Jim willing watched her. When I arrived home I saw this precious moment and had to capture it on film. Photobucket Image Hosting

Friday, October 17, 2008

Kids say such cute things...

Colette, age 3 1/2, is always saying the cutest things. I wish I had written them all down. The other day I was trying to remember some of them...and thought it would be fun to share them! Enjoy!

I have a Little People Thanksgiving set I put on the table each year for her to play with. Last year when I picked up Colette (then 2 1/2) from school we were talking in the car about what she had done at school and she told me she made a turkey and so we started talking about Thanksgiving. I asked her if she knew who was at the first Thanksgiving and she said no, so I said, "the pilgrims". Then Colette said, "No they weren't, the pilgrims were at your house".

One day I was helping Colette make a card for friends. Colette rolled the glue stick too high and it fell off and she cried, "Oh no, I broke it. It's dead!" I took and told her it was ok, I could fix it. She was glad!

Colette and her mommy were going to go to Toy's R Us one night after they left my house. She told her mommy, "I'd like to buy a wallet...but I already have a wallet." Her mom said, "Yes, you do." Colette said, "But I'd like to buy a wallet that has money in it!"

One day this summer I took Colette and Ashlynn to the park. When I got home, feeling very tired, I sat down in a chair and said, "I'm pooped!" Colette said, "Where did you poop?"

Colette wore jeans on one of our first cool days. She said, "Ms Elaine I wore my long sleeve pants today".

A few days ago after school I asked her, "Would you like to play with your Little People?" "You haven't played with them for a long time" Colette replies, "I played with *Isabel in the play room today"
*Isabel is about 2 yr.

I was telling Colette no she could not do something and she wanted me to let her:
Me: Colette I am not going to change my mind.
Colette: Please change your mind like I do!

I was reading her the book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" and when it came to the part where he hung the picture on the refrigerator with scotch tape she informed me he did not need to do that...he only needed a magnet.

When Colette's daddy picked her up one night she was telling her daddy about not taking a nap at school that day. I wanted him to know that she had a good morning before nap so said, "But Ms. Judy was very impressed this morning that Colette could write one of her letters" Colette told him which letter it was, then said, "Ms Judy was not impressed with my nap time!" Daddy said, "I'm sure she wasn't".

She was going to have dinner with us one night and I asked her if she liked beans. She said, "yes, but only jelly beans.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun at Nana's...

Ashlynn Kate

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Jim was in Honduras last week conducting a pastors conference in Danli.

The last couple days he was in Comayagua. While there he presented the Amy Elizabeth Pack Memorial Scholarship to David Jeovany Andino Godoy.
We were so blessed to be able to give this excellent student $1,000 towards his college. A huge thanks to all who participated in this!! Without you we would not be able to do this each year!

Ruach International Christian Academy

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boomer Sooner

Yesterday Stacy and Travis went with friends to the Baylor-OU game in Waco.
Sooners Win Big 12 Opener, 49-17

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