Friday, November 7, 2008

Sharing God's love

Jim left Tuesday evening, traveled through LA to Hong Kong and on to Bangkok. Today he gets a connecting flight to Nepal and arrives in Nepal late Friday evening. He will spend most of the next day on a very dangerous bus trip to Jiri in the far eastern part of the country. There he, along with 4 others, will spend the next five days ministering though the medical dentistry clinic and in the starting of the School of Leadership Development.

They expect 40-50 pastors and leaders to be in attendance. They also expect to see about 300 people in the four days of clinic. Thursday he begins the trip home with the very dangerous road trip back to Katmandu. He will fly to Bangkok on Friday. On Saturday he departs Bangkok for Hong Kong, on to SF and into Dallas late Saturday evening the 15th. Pray for him and the team!

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Anonymous said...

I love this and I love your music! :) Stacy