Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nanny's gift continues to give...

Every Christmas my sweet mother-in-law would give each member of the family a box of candy made by Esther Price. This candy is made in our home town Dayton, Ohio Esther Price Candies :: Esther Price Story. For the past two years, since Nanny (the grandchildren's name for my mother-in -law) passed away, our nephew Doug & his wife Nancy have passed along this traditional gift to us. Thanks Doug and Nancy for blessing us once again with memories and delicous candy!

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Stacy said...

That's a sweet story and I'm glad Dad gets to enjoy his candy. I'm glad he didn't hide it in is underwear drawer this year!

One thing ... Nanny gave her kids (and their spouses) Esther Price Candy. She never gave the grandkids Esther Price (or at least not on our side). I always got M&Ms or a Snickers bar. :)