Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In Memory of Amy Elizabeth...

Amy was born March 31, 1977. When she was five months old she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. This never stopped her from living life to the fullest. Her name means Beloved and that is what she was to her family. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, cousin, niece, and a friend to many. Her beautiful smile and laugh would light up a room. She wrote poetry and loved being in plays. She loved children and animals. She had a heart of compassion and I think that is one reason she wanted to go on a mission trip. She went on that trip in July,1998 to Honduras. She became sick while on this trip. When she came home she was in the hospital for 4 weeks. The Lord called her home Aug 26. She is and will always be greatly loved and missed!

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Stacy Burnett said...
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Stacy Burnett said...

This is a beautiful tribute my sister. :) I love the picture of her in Colorado.

It's so strange that we didn't have digital cameras back then. Sure wish we did ... we'd have so many more pictures.

Love you!


mrs.huck said...

Sweet Amy...thank you for posting this Elaine. So, so good to see her sweet smile. In my heart it was just yesterday she was hanging her head upsidedown off the couch with Lindsey and Jason doing the goofiest skit I have ever seen with hankerchiefs and talking out their chins on a Young Adult Retreat! You had to have been there belive me!!! So funny!

Love the entire Pack Family!


KLJ said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing her memory with us.

Thinking of you today.

Anonymous said...

Elaine: This is a wonderful tribute to Amy. I only wish I could have met her. Thinking of you today, and praying that you have an "easy" day. Thinking of Jim and Stacy, too.

Love, Phyllis

Lauren said...

every year on Amy's birthday or on the anniversary of her death I think about how I wish I could've had the chance to become friends with her as an adult. I'm pretty certain we would've been good friends :)

love you.

Anonymous said...

I love yours and Stephanie's tribute to Amy. Thoughts and prayers are with you today and this week. What a beautiful girl!!

jenny p

asneely said...

This is beautiful. Those are some amazing pictures of Amy. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing these pictures of Amy. So beautiful.

Thinking of you this week, and wishing I have words to say what Amy meant to the youth group at Restoration Church, and especially to Karen.

Love you, Lynn