Sunday, August 23, 2009

Serving our community...

Yesterday our church participated in the HEB ISD Back to School Festival. This is a coalition of churches, social services, school & civic agencies that gave those less fortunate a “hand up” in starting the school year off right by supplying up to 2000 children with a new backpack & school supplies. I had no idea how they would ever pull this off. This had been worked on for 6 months and you could certainly tell as it was very organized. Jim asked me if I would take some pictures and I was so happy to do that. This allowed me to see many different areas. Police, firemen, hospitals, social services were a few of the agencies that were there to serve the people. I saw the volunteers being so kind, helpful and supportive to each family. I saw parents receiving help and information that they needed. I saw moms with their children and families being prayed for. I saw children that would probably not have a back pack or supplies receive them with big smiles! A few would not take them off when they went into the bounch houses. I saw parents who had come looking sad leave with smiles and hope. This morning at church we heard some wonderful stories about the day. One that really touched my heart was the 5 yr. old boy from our church that wanted to know where the backpacks were. When he was told he said, "That's where I will stand, so I can tell them about Jesus!" It was a wonderful day and I am so glad I was a part of it.

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Steph said...

I love the little 5 year old! Precious! I love hearing about what the church is doing! I know that feeling!

Anonymous said...

I wish Steph could have heard the 5-year-old boy's dad's comments Sunday morning at church. So sweet. I'm getting a huge lump in my throat just thinking how I felt when his dad told everyone (with such pride) that his son was standing by the door at church greeting. Everyone turned to look and I'm sure more than a few tears were shed. There he was.. so small, yet SO significant.

Miss you Stephanie!!

Love you, Elaine!