Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surprise that blessed me!

I received a surprise in the mail that made me smile and made my heart glad!  My name was on the envelope but there was no return address.  I wondered as I opened it who sent me an invitation and was it to a baby shower or a bridal shower?  It was not an invitation to either.  It was a beautiful card to ME!!! 

On the right hand side was this sweet picture and friendship quote!

At the top was a Starbucks card (white chocolate mocha here I come!)...

On the left hand side was written:

Paying it forward...
to my friend Elaine.

God loves you and so do I.

I have never received anything like this. Someone spent time and money deciding, buying and decorating this precious gift.  Thank you to whomever it was!!!  Knowing how loved I feel and how fun it was to receive it, I am now praying about who I can send something to...paying it forward!

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