Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shared birthdays...

Happy Birthday Stacy

What a wonderful gift you are to our family!
We love you!!

We were so excited that Stacy was born on the same day as her grandmother, Jim's mom.

Over the 24 yr. we were in the military we moved a lot, but when we could, Stacy and her Nanny would celebrate together.  We were blessed to have her live in Texas with us for a few years before she went home to the Lord.
 It always meant a lot to all of us that they were born on the same day!
We miss her so much.  We will always remember all the wonderful times we had with her!

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Stacy said...

This is so sweet. Thank you for remembering me AND Nanny. :)

Doug Ranck said...

How special it was to have all those birthdays together. There are days I still feel like Nanny is only phone call away. I do miss her!