Saturday, January 22, 2011

This is the year continued...

The  grass withers ,
the flower fades,
But the word of our God stands forever.
Isaiah 40:8

How is your Bible reading coming along?  I have been reading every day with my journal and pen beside me ready to write down a scripture that the Lord speaks to my heart for the day.  It has been fun, exciting and a blessing each day.  I love how the Lord knows my needs and a verse will just pop out at me and it is what I needed for that time in my day, life or someone's life I am praying for. 

Besides comments that were made on this blog I have had friends tell me they read my blog and they too are reading the Bible.  Last Sunday a friend encouraged me to keep on reading as she had done this last year and what it meant to her.  I love when friends come along side us to help and encourage us in our daily walk with the Lord.

It is not too late to pick up your Bible and start reading.  It doesn't matter to God that it is not Jan 1. In fact one person commented on my blog that the Lord led her to read through the Bible in 40 days during a fast her family was doing. I know God blessed her obedience.  We read books all the time, but do we read the most important book?  Looking forward to hearing how you are doing! 



Anonymous said...

I joined you in reading on Jan. 11th. Reading an ESV & enjoying it.

Gottjoy! said...

Been reading through...this time I started with Matthew for a change and will work my way back through the OT.

Thanks for encouraging others to read God's Word, Elaine=)!