Monday, January 10, 2011

This is the year...

How many times have you tried to read the entire Bible in a year?  Or maybe you are one that does this every year.  That is great if you do!  I can picture my mother-in-law sitting in her chair, Bible opened, reading every morning.  At her death she had read the Bible through many, many times.  I admired her so much and have many times wanted to do the same thing.  I would start each year but it never lasted long.  It is easy to get discouraged when you try something over and over and fail at it. I probably have Genesis practically memorized since every year I started with that book. I decided in December I was going to try again but this time I would finish. It was January 5th before I realized I had not started,  but I was not going to be discouraged by the missed days.  I found a new journal that Jim had given me, got my Bible and set to reading.   Every morning since that day I start my reading by asking the Lord to speak to me through His Word and to give me something applicable for me and/or situations around me.  Each time as I am reading a scripture has "jumped out" at me. I knew it was the one for me for that day.  When I finish reading I write in my journal so I can keep a record of it as well as it helps me to remember it for the future. Last night we had a party at our house and a friend told me she was doing something she had always wanted to do.  I was so excited when she told me she was reading through the Bible.  I told her I was too, so we will hold each other accountable this year!

How about you?  If you are like me and have never read the Bible through why not let this year be the year you do it. Get a journal and write what the Lord is saying to you as you read.  Think how wonderful each day will be as you are in His Word and then the fun you will have when you go back at the end of the year and read you journal.  Will you join me and my friend?  Here's a link to help you get started: Bible Reading Guide


Sewn With Grace said...

Hi Elaine! I was doing so good last year reading through my bible and then I started a bible study with a friend and let my daily reading stop. I'm so irritated at myself. I'm going to take your challenge and try again. I have read it through before but it has been awhile. I wanted to let you know that I type "vintage postcards" in my search engine and it gives me alot of the images you see. I credit the source if it's available. You can also get alot of images off of Flickr. Have a great day today! Blessings!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

That is so awesome! Father, may this be the year that Elaine reads straight through Your word. give her great grace!!

I, like you have started a number of times only to never finish. Last summer I felt the Lord encourage me to read thru the bible in 40 days during a fast our family was doing. It was so hard, it took a good two hours a day. I cried at times, even. Brian was so encouraging. I am so glad I did, it was so amazing to read it in such a short amount of time, I really got a whole picture. I feel like it was a gift from my Father.

May He bless you as you pursue this wonderful goal.

Relentlessly Pursuing Him,