Thursday, October 13, 2011

Life in a Bag...

 Thanks goes to my dear friend Linda for suggesting this!
Every Tuesday morning at our Ladies Bible Study we do
Life in a Bag
before we begin our discussion of the lesson.  The week before I ask three ladies to volunteer.  The following week each lady brings a bag with 5 things (often they put more than that, as it is so hard to choose what to include) in the bag. They are to tell who they are and then as they show the things they brought tell something about their life. The last thing they are to tell is what God is doing in their life right now. These times have been deep and the sharing heart felt. I learned how one of our ladies traveled from her home in Africa to several other countries before coming to American. She spoke of the faithfulness of God through all the moves. I heard another lady tell of how her heart is still hurting from the death of her sister last summer and I knew how I should pray for her. I learned that one of the ladies has had many heartaches in her life. As she finished she held up a picture that said, 'Rejoice Always' and told us that is what God was teaching her. Another lady shared of all the fun things she has done with her grandchildren. We all smiled as we heard about her teaching her grandchildren to roller blade. We had no idea she knew how to do that. We have cried and we have laughed. Each lady is a gift from God and their lives reflect the love of the Lord. I believe this, as well as our discussion time, is bonding us together! Let me know if you try this with a group you are a part of!

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Pat said...

This life in a bag idea is really neat...I have to remember it and use it the next time I'm in a small womens' group. Thanks for the compliment on my jacket...blessings!

Gottjoy! said...

I love this idea, Elaine! I nay have to borrow it.