Friday, August 10, 2012

A week of sunshine and flowers

I had a week with no obligations so I spent some time with friends.

Monday I met my friend Jenny for lunch and we spent hours talking and laughing!
That evening our church helped at  6Stones . Besides stacking cans of food we had a fun time visiting with each other.  A great way to become friends or get to know each other better while helping an organization that provides food and clothing for those in need.

Tuesday I had lunch with my friend Carol.  We ate salads and visited for what seemed to be too short of a time.

Wednesday I had lunch with my friend Jennifer and her daughter. What fun to spend time with her and her sweet three yr. old who loves to be read to and work puzzles.

Besides a fun visit I received a special treat of Jennifer's homemade strawberry-cranberry jam. It tasted delicious on our biscuits this morning!

Thursday I baby sat for my friend Lindsay while she was out of town helping her sister with her new baby. Her little Keane is adorable!

Friday morning my friend Jennifer and I visited our friend Phyllis that is in the hospital recovering from a fall.

I am blessed and believe that...

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