Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cute poems were part of who she was

Fourteen years have gone by since our precious daughter went home to the Lord.
As I was thinking about her this week I went to a folder we have that holds some poems she wrote.  She had a great sense of humor and some of the poems really make you smile. 
This one was written about her Daddy, who was on a mission trip in Africa. This trip was one of his first since becoming Missions director for Life Outreach, International. She gave it to him when he returned.
It is one of my favorites. 
My Daddy Went to Africa
My Daddy went to Africa
And didn't take a gun.
If an elephant's after him,
Will he know to run?
Johnny said there's tigers there.
They just roam around the place.
And if you hear their stomachs growling,
You'd better hide your face.
Sally said her grandpa went
And met a crocodile.
He tried to take its picture,
But he refused to smile.
Billy said I better pray,
'Cause it's always night and never day.
The Indians come and tie you up,
Cook you for breakfast, and drink you out of a cup.
I told them that they all were silly,
and my Daddy would be just fine,
Because he was taking Bibles to the children,
So they could know about Christ.
There'd probably be no elephants, tigers, or Indians,
But I know if there were, he'll be safe because his journey's just begun.
It could get boring sometimes when she was in the hospital.  She wrote this one day during one of those times. I have typed it just as she wrote it.  I love it too!
i'm joe.
this is
my dog
when my
dog wiggles
his tail
i love you.
Today, as every day, I thank the Lord for His gift to us of Amy!
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Little Birdie Blessings said...

Elaine - sweet poems that your daughter wrote. I can't even comprehend how difficult it was for you to lose your daughter. I'm sorry . . and am glad my post you commented on gave you some comfort and memories today. ~ Abby

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I read your post today with a smile. . . but also with a heavy heart as I, too, felt I could never truly understand your loss as a mother! How sweet that you have these poems --- such a part of your daughter's heart! Thank you for sharing these today. I'm so glad I stopped by!