Friday, March 8, 2013

Sweet surprise

Years ago I made strawberry jam for my mom and gave it to her in this jar. I made the top for the jar. It's one of the things I kept after she passed away. I found it recently and gave it to my daughter, Stacy. Tonight she called and said she had a surprise for us. Imagine my surprise when she walked in and handed me this jar...

containing homemade blackberry jam!
Not only will homemade biscuits taste wonderful tomorrow morning with this jam, but I will have sweet memories of my mom!

Thank you, Stacy, for this gift!

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Jan Archer said...

I LOVE homemade biscuits. I've tried many times but just can't seem to make them like my moms. I feel really blessed when I am able to visit my moms sister, Aunt Martha, in Florida because she always makes homemade biscuits for breakfast. She has a sour Cherry Jam that she serves with them. It is not homemade but it is sooo good. It tastes like cherry pie filling! So thankful that we have wonderful memories of our moms to hold us until we can see them again in Heaven. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. (Thous shalt not covet your neighbors breakfast! hee hee)