Sunday, March 27, 2011


Yesterday our Ladies Ministry had a fun event called  Bloom 2011.  Some of the younger ladies of our church did all the planning and decorating.  Everything was so pretty and it was evident much planning and time went into making this a special day for our ladies. I wish I had taken more pictures but only took two with my phone. 

We were welcomed and given pretty name tags which had the two classes we had chosen on the back of them.  We walked into the main room which was beautifully decorated.  Eveything was in green and blue and the yellow daisies were at all the tables.  Each place setting had a magnet that we could take home as a remembrance of this day. 

After lunch we had a time of worship, door prizes given out and a speaker, who was one of our own sweet ladies.

Some of you have visited my friend, Jennifer's blog, and / or read her devotions that I have posted here from time to time. For over a year now she has written a devotion called A Heart to Hear,  for the ladies of our church and it is emailed to us every Wednesday. At Christmas her mother in law told her she was having her devotions published.  A big surprise awaited Jennifer yesterday morning.  There were 50 copies of her book, A Heart to Hear, presented to her.  It was such fun to see the look on her face when the table full of books was brought out.  We were able to buy them and she very graciously autographed them for us!  I love my book. You can visit Jennifer's blog at:Heart to Hear

It was an awesome day and I came home refreshed!

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Patty Sumner said...

What a wonderful day. I always go over and read "A heart to hear". Blessings to you and so happy you had a great time.

Amydeanne said...

looks like a fun time! :)

Linda said...

Sounds like a wonderful and enjoyable day!
Have a great day and rest of the week.
Blessings and hugs.

Pamela said...

How exciting for Jennifer! The decorations looked lovely too. What fun brings back a lot of good memories wtih all you awesome women!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And what a fantastic surprise for your friend - to have her book of devotions published!

I wanted to respond to your comment over at Life Lessons: Attitudes can be so subtle can't they? Without careful analysis it's easy to miss a wrong attitude. So encouraging to hear that you've tuned into the Lord's still, small voice reminding you to change - so you'll look more like the Master! God bless you much as you endeavor to please Him!