Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A cup of memories...

I opened my kitchen cabinet this morning and chose a cup for my tea. As I picked up this cup, memories of two friends came to my mind. They gave me this cup years ago when they were visiting me and we were all attending a conference at my church. At one time we all lived near each other but now all live in different states. The distance doesn't matter because in my heart the blessing they have been in my life is not forgotten.

Thank you Cheryl and Karen for your friendship!

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Patty Sumner said...

Elaine, what wonderful memories we have because of our wonderful Lord. I have learned, it is never boring when we live for the Lord.....lots of friends and places....friends are friends forever..if the Lord is the Lord of old song, but definitely says alot. Blessings!

Vintage Home said...

Oh Friends are so special!
I have been to DFW...a long time ago..1971! To see my sister & brother in law who was in seminary.
I love your scenes of the snow!....and your sweet schnauzer...we use to have on dear Sophie!

Laura L. said...

Love the saying on this cup, and the cup's heart-shaped handle. Friends are one of life's greatest treasures!

Ellen said...

What a lovely and thoughtful tribute to true friends! It's amazing how distance doesn't matter, true friends last a lifetime no matter what. You're an awesome friend!


Amydeanne said...

friends like that last a life time! love the cup! :)