Thursday, March 31, 2011

Always in our hearts


Our precious daughter
Amy Elizabeth
was born 34 yrs. ago today!

While looking through old pictures today I found this one.  It was taken shortly before we moved from Hawaii.  Amy was 10 weeks old.  Stacy was 4 yr. old. 
I love this photo of our little family!


Pamela said...

Happy birthday Amy! She was such a special soul Elaine, I know you miss her terribly. Praying comfort to your heart today dear friend. Love, hugs and kisses to you

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family photograph. Sure loved your Amy and am thankful we had the chance to know her. Praying for you on this day...

janna briggs

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your special pictures with us. Even though I didn't know Amy, I always enjoy seeing pictures of her, and the family pix, too. You are all so precious.

Love, Phyllis W.

Vintage Home said...

Thank you for sharing this...such a beautiful girl!

Laura L. said...

Amy is beautiful. I know she must have been a precious blessing in your life. May God continue to bring you precious memories.