Sunday, April 17, 2011


Jim returned home last week from a mission trip in Kenya. 
The emphasis was medical, feeding and teaching the local pastors.

Jim brought some glasses with him with the plan
to give them to someone in need. 
 These two pastors traveled a long distance hoping
 that they would be able to get glasses. 
How exciting for Jim and a blessing for them
 that they were given these glasses.

While the medical clinics were going on our pastor was
teaching and encouraging the pastors from the surrounding areas.

  I am thankful for the opportunity that this team had to go and
 serve these precious people in the Name of Jesus! 

Even if we can't go, we have a part, and that is to pray!!

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Terry Laudett said...

I like this. Glasses may seem like a small blessing...until we need them. I'm sure those men really appreciate the opportunity to see much better.

Stacy Burnett said...

These pictures are amazing! I'm so glad you posted them. I love it!