Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love Nest

Our sweet daughter and son-in-law gave us this to


I love the little sign and heart.

The birds perched on the nest are so cute!

I am so thankful for the Lord's provision
that enabled us to pay off our house!

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Patty Sumner said...

Congratulations!!!!! What a great accomplishment...May you be blessed to have many wonderful days in your "PAID" for home....God is good! Blessings!

Gottjoy! said...

Oh, Elaine...Congratulations! What a blessing. We paid off our home a few years ago and how wonderful that has been. We are debating about buying a new house, but my husband doesn't like the idea of tying up our money. He feels we should wait so we could freely use the money we would pay in mortgage in different ministries or where the Lord leads us to give.

And thanks for sharing the link to your friend's devotions a few posts back. I just became a follower of her blog.

Have a beautiful mortgage-free day =).

Stacy Burnett said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm SO happy for you!

Linda said...

Congratulations!! This must be so wonderful!
God is ever faithful!

Janis Van Keuren said...

Congratulations! I look forward to that day as well!
Just looked at your profile, and we have so much in common. Our enjoyment of Kay Arthur and Beth Moore Bible Studies. We even like some of the same books.
It was such a pleasure meeting you. I thoroughly enjoyed the design of your blog--to me it said feminine and country. I just love country! And that cute "Love Nest" hanging. How perfect.
May you have a Blessed Easter.


Pamela said...

So cute and what an awesome accomplishment! We are moving back to my house in Arlington for the same reason we can have it paid off in 2 years! Blessings to you and Jim!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! What a milestone! Wanted to respond to your comment over at Life Lessons: Great to see you! Love this time of year when we're reminded of His saving work for us on the cross! Have a blessed Easter, my friend! Hugs!

Laura L. said...

My, oh my! Paying off your house! That is awesome. Congratulations!

KLJ said...

This is wonderful! Congratulations!