Thursday, April 14, 2011

Excited to be SIX

She has been so excited for weeks because today she turned SIX!!!  Yes, Colette, whom I have watched since she was 4 months old, is 6 years old today.  Her mom invited me and her Mimi to go to the American Girl doll store and restaurant on Saturday. We had so much fun celebrating her birthday with lunch and dessert. Afterwards we went shopping and watched her choose some new clothes for her doll, Lia. 

So sweet...the doll has a seat too.

Fun appetizers before the meal. She chose cheese fondue. 

The candle in her brownie was a surprise
(I love the look on her face)
 and everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Yummy pink lemonade!

Finished shopping!

One last picture before going home!

Lia looks so cute in her new dress and sunglasses!!

I had a balloon and a gift waiting for her after school.

Chocolate pudding with whipping cream and sprinkles!
(her request!)

Birthdays are fun!

Next week we will be celebrating our
 granddaughter's 4th birthday! 
I can hardly wait!

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Laura L. said...

Wow, such a special day for her. So sweet. It almost makes me want to be a little kid again. :) She's just precious, and I bet she brings a smile to all. I want hair like hers. :)