Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank someone today...

I see her when I go to the produce department of our neighborhood grocery store. I see her carefully putting vegetables or fruits in their bins or moving things around to make the display nicer. I think to myself...she enjoys her job. She almost always takes time to say hello and check to see if I am finding everything OK. I have seen her help others and always with a smile and an attitude that shows she cares. For about two weeks I have felt like I was supposed to tell her thank you for the good job she does and to let her know that this does not go unnoticed. I just couldn't get my nerve up to speak to her about this. Silly as it sounds, I got nervous every time I felt like I was supposed to tell her and would just leave. A friend suggested I write a note to her. I could do that. It would be much easier to put down on paper what I wanted to say in person. Jim suggested I write a note to the manager of the store also. What a great idea. I wrote her the note and this morning knew I was supposed to go to the store and she would be there. She was! As I handed her the note I told her I wanted to thank her for all she does in the produce department. She seemed surprised and thanked me. I asked her name and introduced myself. Then I went to customer service where I spoke to a manager and he suggested I fill out a card and send to the corporate office. The card will be filled out and mailed! Hopefully they will recognize her in some way. I think we take so many things or people for granted. I am thankful that God is opening my eyes to see those around me. I want to see them with His eyes and hear Him tell me how I can bless them. This time the blessing was for a lady in the produce department. Perhaps she was wondering if anyone noticed her, or if anyone cared. I pray that this note blessed her. I know I was blessed to write and give it to her.

Look around and ask God who you can be a blessing to this week! Maybe there is someone that needs to hear the words THANK YOU!

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Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I'm so glad I read this today here. I have had almost the same situation happen. When I was in the grocery store the other day, I noticed a handicapped person struggling with her cart. One of the clerks put down what she was doing, went over and asked if she could assist this gentleman, and he said yes. Later, as I was finishing up my shopping, I saw this man in his cart, and this same gal still helping him get the things he needed off the shelves. She had gone with him down all the aisles. I was just so taken with this, and I will do just as you did. She deserves a thank you.