Sunday, December 6, 2009

Deeper Still...

Two friends and I attended the Deeper Still event in Oklahoma City, OK this week end. Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and Priscilla Shirer were the speakers. Travis Cottrell was the worship leader.  I loved each ladies teaching!  Kay Arthur taught from Hebrews and told us how important it is to live by God's Word. Priscilla taught from Ephesians and told us to see the Greatness of God and shift our attention from our problem to God.  Beth spoke from several different scriptures and talked to us about spiritual discernment.
After the session on Friday night we went back to our room and decided to order room service.  We sat on our beds and talked and talked.  After 45 minutes we realized our food had never come.  A call was made and the food arrived but we were not charged for it.  Not only that, but we received fruit and a piece of cheesecake to make up for the food being so late.  What a blessing!  We also enjoyed room service in the morning.  We had a yummy breakfast, but had to pay this time. :)
At the end of the event Kay, Beth and Priscilla had a question and answer time.  The questions were taken from emails that ladies had sent in.  This was more of a fun time than serious and we had lots of laughs.
I am very thankful for my week end of great Bible teaching and fun time with my sweet friends!!


Lauren said...

cute picture of you girls! so pretty! so glad you all got to go!